Join us the Weekend of April 12-13, 2019, for the 2nd Annual Walk The Talk With Hoss event in support of the the Hoss Foundation/Family Resource Center (FRC) at WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital.

The Hoss Foundation/FRC is dedicated to the support of family-centered care. Its mission is to ensure families are armed with the needed resources while receiving care and services so that their sole focus can be on their child during their stay at WVU Medicine Children’s.Along with the Walk The Talk With Hoss, we’ll have the VIP Reception on Friday night, and then the Family Resource Center 5k & Li’l Mountaineer Training Camp, and just like the Walk The Talk With Hoss, ALL EVENTS FINISH ON MOUNTAINEER FIELD!

2020 Dates Coming Soon!

  • VIP Reception (Touchdown Terrace)
  • Walk the Talk with Hoss (2.7 Mile Walk)
  • Family Resource Center (FRC) 5K (3.1 Mile Race)
  • Li’l Mountaineer Training Camp (12 & under camp event with the coaching staff on Mountaineer Field)

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